Showcase films

Showcase films

The shops have their shop windows as a claim for those people who pass near the establishment, for this reason they are exposed to the sun for many hours. We have the solution to protect shop windows from this excess of solar radiation.

This radiation in the windows, produces in a deterioration of the material that is exhibited, a greater expense of air conditioning and at the same time, the material that has deteriorated or discolored by the rays of the Sun translates into economic losses.

LLumar window films enable us to reduce the discolouration and deterioration of materials, textiles or exhibits by rejecting more than 99% of UV rays. In addition, they also reduce the cost of air conditioning and heat input.

Benefits of showcase films

Anti-glare protection with window films

Reduction of the ambient temperature.

Optimisation of working conditions.

Reduction of energy expenses.

Reduction of deterioration or discoloration.

Benefits of Showcase Films

Thermal insulation

Environmental protection

Lower costs in air conditioning.

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