Safety films for windows

Safety films for windows

Safety is paramount both at home and at our workplace, whether it is an office or an establishment open to the public. We must protect our family members or co-workers against possible breakage of windows due to the deterioration of the same or inclement weather.

LLumar sales safety films protect us in the event of spontaneous glass breakage, and at the same time protect pedestrians/clients/workers by retaining broken glass attached and fastened to the window frame.

Benefits of Window Safety Films

Protect your customers, employees or students

Increases the resistance of the glass

Adapt your crystals to the new regulations

Efficiency of safety films for windows

In the event of breakage (whether by theft, vandalism, deterioration, a heavy blow or inclement weather), the window would never break and fall, but would only crack and the glass would be perfectly and firmly attached.

Nor would it leave space for water or wind, so that people inside the shop, office or home room will be protected against possible cuts, temperature drops, protecting, in turn, all objects that are under the window where the security foil for windows has been placed Llumar

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