Privacy films for windows

Privacy films for windows

Glazed offices create an open working environment, but they also often attract the undesirable attention of curious eyes. Decorative and mirror-effect films help minimize these situations and protect your privacy. There are also unidirectional mirror-effect films, which allow you to see from the inside but not from the outside.

LLumar privacy films allow the sun’s rays to enter the room while enjoying a certain intimacy.

Benefits of Privacy Films

Light transmission

Softening of glare

Avoiding curious glances

Why use Privacy Films?

With these sheets we can convert the crystals into something different, with a custom design, easily and economically without the need for acids or abrasive products. Privacy films can be translucent, opaque, mirror effect (to see without being seen), of different colours and designs, perfect to adapt to Offices, Offices…

These sheets stop the ultraviolet rays that are the main cause of the deterioration, discoloration and aging of products or materials. A characteristic quite unknown to most people is that they reinforce the structure, solidity and safety of the glass in the event of impact or breakage.

Where can privacy films be used?

Air conditioning in summer and heating in winter are a huge cost factor, both for businesses and households.


Reduce discoloration, discoloration, degradation and aging of exposed products. They filter almost all ultraviolet rays.


Avoid glare, glare and filter up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ideal for any room, office or local.


Ideal for industrial warehouses, buildings… They allow a clear vision and without distortions towards the outside and an important energetic saving.


They can be translucent, opaque, mirror effect, different colors and designs that can be adapted to your tastes and needs.

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