Decorative films for windows

Decorative films for windows

Households and businesses are often designed to individual specifications, and possible glass walls are sometimes equipped with decorative effects to give more meaning to the aesthetics of the whole.

For such applications, LLumar offers translucent or matte decorative films, pigmented and with coloured patterns and materials.

Characteristics of Decorative Films

Matte or acid etched crystals.

Security in public areas

Coherent design and attractive aesthetics.

Simple customization at advantageous prices.

Total or partial privacy

Benefits of Decorative Films

In our catalogue of decorative sheets you can see a wide range of designs and also allow you to personalize and give new life to their crystals. They are designed to transform the atmosphere of a place personalizing the space, contributing originality, well-being and comfort. They soften the light without altering it, making it possible for natural light to access, while at the same time giving the space a new air.

Very suitable for creating a cosy atmosphere, beautifying glass doors, covering windows, adapting bathroom screens, customising glass furniture, concealing unattractive views. Versatile tool for interior design in homes, hotels and offices. They need no maintenance or special care and can be easily changed, so they offer a wide field of application and a multitude of formats, as many as the imagination of their creators.

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Láminas Cerámicas Comfortplus***** para automóvil

Con las Láminas Cerámicas Comfortplus***** LLumar de Alto Rendimiento para Automóvil conseguimos mejorar la estética y el confort dentro el vehículo, mejorando la conducción y la estancia de los pasajeros.

Beneficios de las láminas Cerámicas Comfortplus*****

Mejora la estética.

Reducción de la temperatura del interior.

Incremento de la intimidad.

Rechazo de más del 99% de los rayos UV.

Reducción de los deslumbramientos.

Característica de las láminas Cerámicas Comfortplus***** para automóvil


Luz Visible Transmitida

Rechazo Ultravioleta

Total Energia Solar Rechazada


Lati 05


> 99%



Lati 15


> 99%



Lati 35


> 99%



Lati 50


> 99%



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Estamos en: Dr. Fleming, 46, 46600 ALZIRA (Valencia)

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