Anti-graffiti films for windows

Anti-graffiti films for windows

LLumar sales anti-graffiti film is today the leading solution for reducing damage cost-effectively. Specially designed and almost invisible once installed, these sheets offer a removable, removable surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for costly glass replacements.

Replacement of a single window can easily be ten to twenty times the cost of installing the window film.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Reduction of the ambient temperature.

Optimisation of working conditions.

Reduction of energy expenses.

Increase in productivity.

Safety with Anti-graffiti window films.

These films are designed to protect the glass against vandalism, scratches, graffiti, acids and solvents, all actions deliberately provoked. Especially suitable for public transport windows and shop windows which are the main target of vandalism, the thickness of the film is an effective barrier between the glass and the aggressor…

Almost invisible once installed.

Removable, extractable surface.

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